Helping Europeans find facts in moments that matter

Whether in a time of crisis, or when you’re searching for sensitive information like health or financial advice, we all have moments when a search for information comes with higher stakes. In the moments when accessing quality information is critically important, people should be empowered with the tools they need to spot misinformation and find sources they can trust. Ahead of International Fact-Checking Day, we’re rolling out new experiences on Google Search to help people across Europe make sense of online information in those moments that matter.

Get more context about your searches

In the coming days, you’ll be able to click on the three dots next to a result to learn more about it and dig deeper into more information about a particular page. About this result will soon be available in all languages and countries where Search is available.

Additionally, for English language searches, you’ll now be able to learn more background information about the author or a page. These features will help you evaluate whether you want to click on the website and learn more. Read more in this post.

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